Information About Billing

Receiving Your Bill

There are two ways to view your monthly bill. You will receive your monthly bill via email or you can review the bill on our customer portal at https://customerportal.telcoinabox.com.

Our billing cycle runs from the 28th to the 27th of each month and you should expect your bill at the beginning of each month.

Accessing the Customer Portal

Please contact us to arrange login details so you can manage your account online. The customer portal can be accessed via https://customerportal.telcoinabox.com.

Once you have access you can:
– View your unbilled calls
– Review your current and previous bills
– Check your internet and mobile internet usage
– Amend your bill setup options

Paying Your Bill

Please ensure your bill is paid by the 15th of each month. We offer a variety of ways for you to pay your bill.

Auto-Pay – Download a direct debit form from our ‘Downloads’ and send it to us.
Pay Online with Credit or Debit Card – Pay by Credit or Debit Card online, 24/7. Just click on ‘Pay My Bill’. Enter your email address and a receipt will be sent for your records.
Pay Over the Phone with a Credit or Debit Card – Simply call us to pay your bill day or night. A receipt number will be provided for your records.
BPAY – Pay online with BPAY. Just enter the Biller Code Below and your Customer Reference on your bill.
Biller Code: 707364
Ref: see your bill
Direct Deposit
Westpac Banking Corporation BSB: 032-002 Account No: 483217

Please ensure you use your account number as the reference number so we can track your payment.

Australia Post

Please present your payment slip at any Post Office, where cash, cheque or credit card will be accepted using the bar code.


Detach the payment slip from the bottom of the bill and return it together with your cheque made out to ‘Telcoinabox’ (our payment processing service).

Information On Security Tools

Security Tools

All devices that access the internet need to be protected by a Firewall and Anti Virus Programme at the very minimum. FairTel do not supply such software, however there are many excellent free anti-virus programmes such as AVG Free as well as many excellent paid for programmes such as Norton and Kaspersky available for downloading from the web. We also recommend the Free anti-malware download MalwareBytes.

WiFi Protection

If your modem/router has WiFi capability but you do not use it it should be turned off.

If you do use WiFi, you should change the name of your Wireless Network (SSID) AND make sure that security is enabled & has a strong password. Your modem/router’s user guide will show you how to do this. TP Link modem/router user guides are available on our ‘Downloads’ page.


Most passwords do not have sufficient strength. We believe a strong email password should contain letters and numerals with some letters being upper case. Avoid dictionary words if possible.

Mobile Phone Security

– You can run an anti virus programme on your phone. Look at your phone’s relevant app store for many free options.
– If your phone has WiFi and Bluetooth, you should turn it off when you are not using it.
– If you phone has the ability to add an unlock code – you should use it
– Don’t not leave your handset unattended

Information on Mobile Coverage

Coverage Maps for Mobile Networks

For Telstra 3G
For Optus
Optus Network Coverage Maps

Tools for Spend Management

Spend Management for Mobiles and Mobile Internet

Auto-Barring/Hard Cap

If you are concerned about your monthly spend on your Mobile Plan, please contact us as soon as possible to have auto-barring activated on your mobile plan. Auto-barring means that once you reach the included call value you will not be able to make any further calls this is also known as a ‘hard cap’. Auto-barring/hard caps can also be applied to the data element of your mobile plan.

Due to the timing delay with how Carrier Call records are delivered to us (up to 5 days behind for domestic calls and up to 8 weeks delay on International Roaming Charges), this means we can limit but not fully prevent excess call charges.

Customer Portal

Please contact us to arrange login details so you can manage your account online. The customer portal can be accessed via https://customerportal.telcoinabox.com.

Once you have access you can check your mobile phone or mobile internet service to see your current and previous spends and data used.

Limiting Data Access

If your mobile phone allows you to connect to the internet please take the time to learn how to connect to Wifi connections or how to turn ‘mobile data’ off via your handset. If you have a phone plan without any data component – you should always have data access turned off.

Spend Management for ADSL


The majority of our ADSL Plans are Shaped. This means that there are never an excess usage charges as when you reach your data limit your service will be slowed down until the next billing cycle commences.

If you are Shaped and you would like your data service to go faster again, you can add extra data by contacting either Tom or Chris.

You will only be on an Unshaped plan if you specifically agreed to this. We will send an email to your nominated email address at 50%, 60% and 100% of your data allowance for the month. If you are on an Unshaped plan and you wish to change to a shaped plan please contact us.

Customer Portal

Please contact us to arrange login details so you can manage your account online. The customer portal can be accessed via https://customerportal.telcoinabox.com.

Once you have access you can check your amount data used on your ADSL service.

Spend Management for Landline

Call Access Control at Network Level

We can set your telephone service to have restricted network access if you wish to control your telephone account spend.

We can enable your telephone service to be set at any of these network access levels;

Level 0 – 000 Only
Level 1 – Local Only
Level 2 – Local & Trunk Operator Only
Level 3 – 1800 Only
Level 4 – Full Access except International
Level 6 – Full Access Except Trunk Operator
Level 7 – Local, National (& Mobile) & Value Added 1900 (premium) numbers
Level 8 – Local, National & Trunk Operator
Level 9 – Full Access except Value Added 1900 (premium) numbers
Level 10 – Full Access
Please contact us if you would like to change the Access Level of your Phone Service

What Are Your Hours of Operation and Support

Hours of Operation and Support

Local Hours of Operation

Tom is available for on-site support, billing enquiries and account enquiries 9am to 5pm Mon-Fri. Please call 1300 714 930 and press option 1 or 2 during these hours.

Technical Support and Fault Logging

Our technical support team for fault logging and internet support is based in Sydney and is available during the following hours (all times are Sydney time):

Monday – Friday: 7am to 10pm
Saturday: 9am to 6pm
Sunday: 9am to 5pm
Please call 1300 714 930 and press option 3 during these hours.