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Mobile Broadband

4G Broadband for Desktop, Laptops, Mobile Routers, Tablets & Any Device that takes a SIM

Up to 100Mbps download speeds

Zero bill shock

Ideal wireless substitute for ADSL/NBN

Tethering Ability to share Internet connection with other devices

Domestic data bolt-ons

Reliable 4G mobile broadband.

If you need to stay connected while out & about then a 4G broadband service is the way forward.

Suitable for a wide range of devices

4G Mobile Broadband service can provide internet connection to many devices, such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc. and can be shared by more than one device (tethering).

Peace of Mind

With Zero Bill Shock feature you do not need have to worry about your mobile bill as there will be no excess usage charges.*(Conditions apply)

Data bolt-ons

Now you can add extra data to your plan at any time. 1GB Automatic and 1GB One-off bolt-ons are available to be used in Australia.


FairTel acts as are seller and uses the Optus 3G and 4G mobile networks. See coverage maps for full information:



  • Data
  • Included Data Cost



  • 200GB
  • $0.445 per/GB



  • 500GB
  • $0.198 per/GB

Prices include GST

The minimum charge for this service is equivalent to 1 month charge. Upload and download data is counted towards your monthly mobile data quota.
After you consume your monthly data quota your service will stop working. No excess data charges apply.